How To Write Good Quality Content ?


If you are new to blogging world then you might have heard the word ‘quality content’ or ‘content is king’. When I started blogging I also faced these words and I don’t getting the real thought behind this and for the same problem you are reading this now.

Good Quality Content
Every blogger whatever the subject of his/her niche should must know the meaning of what a good quality content means or how to write a great content for your readers. Now the question arises that why anyone will not be writing good content for his site, everyone in this world try to put their full energy into their work. There is no doubt that you might be putting your full energy and dedication and writing a very well content for your blog but that doesn’t mean that you are actually using your full energy.
To make you more understand let me give you an example. Suppose there is a manufacturer who is producing any products, retailers buys the product in a large quantity and sells it to the customers. The process is simple and I guess it will be known to everyone. But who will decide the quality. Ofcourse the one who is producing it will decide the quality of that product but the real customers who is using it will judge the quality. The customers judgement is most important no matters how great manufacturer feels about their product. But I forgot to mention about retailer, yes the retailers too plays a very important role here. If the retailer is not getting enough margin in selling this product he will reject it or there may be some other manufacturer who is offering him more profit. So here to make a business, the manufacturer will have to make happy both, retailers and customers.
The same situation can be applied here also. You are the that manufacturer, your readers are the customers and the retailers are the search engines like google, bing etc. Your content can be called a good quality content only when the peoples will say it great and search engines will find it SEO friendly.
Now you understands that you have to write for readers and for search engines (means SEO friendly).

Write Good Quality Content for Readers

  1. Use Attractive Titles – Your article must have a title which actually hit the target of your article. Readers should not be confused from your article.
  2. Stay only on the topic – Your article should strictly focus only on its topic. You cannot start on a subject and ends on what you have done yesterday. It puts negative impression on readers.
  3. Use sub-headings –  If your article is long enough then you must divide it into different sections. It increases the understandability of the article and helps your reader to understand more.
  4. Use simple words – Your article should not be written in very tough words or like it is written by a poet or novelist. It should be written in simple words that is easily understandable for everyone.
  5. Be Original – Your article must be original. It shouldn’t be on other places because if peoples found it copied from other resource, then you will loose their trust and not only they will reject your article for reading they also start thinking that other articles on your site may also be copied.
  6. Problem Solving – Whatever be the topic discussed in your article it should solve the problem of the reader or give him the required information for what he is looking for. Your article must satisfy the reader and this will increase your trust on him.
  7. Use simple fonts – Font selection is often not required because default font is always best but if you want to use different font then be careful that you are not compromising with the understandability. 

 Write Good Quality Content for Search Engines

No matters how good your article is, it is just useless if readers will unable to get it. Your article must be SEO friendly, means search engine like your pages and ranks you high in their ranking. You don’t have to be a SEO expert, you just have to know some basic rules so that your article should get a decent place in search results.
 Follow these rules for writing a high or good quality content in language of search engines.
  1. You should include some keywords related related to your article so that search engines will understand the content of your article.
  2. The keywords which you are using should have a keyword density between 2-4%. It means for every 100 words it should include 2-4 times your keywords.
  3. If keyword density of your article is more than 5%, then it is termed as over optimization or over SEO which is not good for you. You will penalized for doing this and your article will be put down by search engines.
  4. The content of your article must be original. Google only likes original content and you cannot trick it by writing 1 line by yourself and copying 9 lines from others.
  5. Use some images in your article as per your subject.

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