How Can You Make Money With Google AdSense

Google Adsense is program run by Google that connects the publishers who allows visual ads display on some space of their website/blog for money and advertisers who is willing to pay money for the advertisement of their services/products. In simple words, GoogleAdsense is a money making method if you have a website or blog having a decent amount of traffic.

how to make money with google adsense

How Google Adsense works?

When you sign up for google adsense you will be provided with ad unit code which you will put on your blog. Now when people visit your blog to read your content, they will be shown some ads on the headers or sidebars of your blog as per yours placement. When some of your readers clicks on the ads they will be taken to another page where they will be offered with some service or product.
You don’t have to worry about whether they will be buy that product/service or not. Each time when someone click on the ads, you will be given some amount. So the formula is really simple, more traffic means more clicks means more earnings.

How much you can earn with Google Adsense?

Actually it is a very tough question to answer because your earning will depends on so many factors. The amount earned per click may be anywhere from 2 cents to 15$. Although getting over 1$ per click is rare and most of the time your earning will lie on the lower side of the spectrum.
Your subject plays a major role in the amount you receive from each click. If your get clicks on more competitive keywords then you will given more amount. Advertisers pays more money on competitive keywords so you gets more money when someone clicks on your ads. For example, Technology, Health Related blogs make more money per click than the entertainment blogs.
You can get a brief knowledge about this by using Google Adwords. Just enter your keywords and you will get a good feel of how much advertisers paying on different keywords.
The amount you receive also depends on the type of audience you get. If you are getting your major traffic from US, UK and Canada then you will be going to make a good amount. It also depends on how well the ads were placed.
I cannot estimate how much you will make on google adsense and actually can do this task for you. All you can do is just keep focus on increasing your traffic and you will make more.

How to start?

To make money with google adsense you should have a blog on which you can write some articles and promote it to start getting traffic and convert it into real cash. But it is not as simple as it sounds.
Before starting a blog you must consider first about your subject and assure yourself that you can actually keep writing on that topic for a long period. The more you write, better your ranking will be and more the traffic you will get, giving you more money.
It will take a lot of time, hard work and dedication to start making money from google adsense. Also, don’t expect to make 1000$ with a 10-15 page blog.
When your blog have around 30 articles then you should apply for google adsense by visiting You will have to create a ads unit and then put it on your blog.

What to do next?

When you have a blog with google adsense ads showing in it then your should focus on 2 things – writing fresh content regularly and increasing your blogs traffic and you will see the results in your earnings. There are lots of making goog amount from adsense but it takes time to achieve this.
Before you start you should know that this is not a quick money making scheme. I think it is the most time taking online money making process. Many bloggers start only in search of money but can’t give that temperament and finally give up before making anything.
It is beneficial to you if you consider it as a hobby because you will be interested in what you are doing and not in what you will get in reward. If you really maintain this kind of attitude for a long period then you will actually make more than you expected and it will keep growing day by day. That’s the same path travelled by today successful earners of google adsense.

Every movie don’t have Happy Endings

Of course it is pretty much sure that you will be successful after some time and will make money but there is no one who can guarantee. No matters what are doing, there is always a chance of failure.
The amount you make is depends strongly on your subject. There are some subjects on which you may be interested and willing to write a tons of articles on it but what if there is no one who wants to read it. Also there are also some topics on which peoples are writing from past 10 or 15 years. So people will want to read their content because  they will have more trust on them than any other newly established site or blog.
So I suggest you to do a research on your subject on which you wants to do blogging and make sure that you can make a space to make money on that topic.

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