How To Optimize Images in Your Blog Posts

Image optimization is that key of a blogs success, that most of the bloggers don’t know. Every blogger gives their attention on SEO while writing their blog post but not aware about image optimization and those who give time on SEO of their photos are actually getting one step ahead from the others.
Images improves the quality of a post and sometimes the reader attracted to read the post only because of that image.

How to optimize images in your blog posts

Image Optimization Tip 1 : Pick images relevant to your post

Adding images to your post to make it look good doesn’t means that you can add any kind image. If you writing about a smartphones then your image should be some like phone or related to it but not of the famous film-stars or any other nature images. Select image that is relevant to your content.

Image Optimization Tip 2 : Add relevant name to image before uploading

Most of the time, the image we use on our blog post are from Google images or any other similar image platform such as pixabay. When we download that image on our hard-disk, we don’t care about the name of that image. It is usually named as untitled, image, 4434389.jpg etc.
As you can see we are getting no information from the image file name. So before uploading your image, you must rename it and write a name which contain some keywords related to your article so that search engine will understand it and rank your article better.

Image Optimization Tip 3 : Use ALT Text and Title Text

Search engines don’t understand the graphics.They cannot interpret images. So to make them understand what is in the image, we should write ALT Text. This is name that will appear with association with the image. You should write a small description about your article and include some keywords related to your article in it.
Also there is option of writing title text, you can give a title to your image as per your articles needs.
optimize images in your blog post

 Image Optimization Tip 4 : Image Size

Image size matters for the loading time of the page. If you include a very large image of size more than 1mb, then your site loading will be large and users dont want to waste time in loading of page. They prefer the site which opens as fast as possible. If visitors keep going through your blog within few seconds then your bounce rate will increase and google will put down your ranking in search results.
Before uploading your image you should check that your image size will be in under 500kb size. You can use photoshop to resize your image.

Image Optimization Tip 5 : Add caption to your image

Caption is a short description to readers which is in written just below the image. You may have seen this many times in textbooks and magazines. Not every time you have to add a caption but if your image is also giving some information then you should add a caption so that your readers will understands more. You can see below how a caption looks.
Image SEO to improve blog ranking
Here is your caption
I hope that your understands the importance of image optimization and will apply in your blog also. You will definitely see the results soon.Just keep your focus on every term related to improving your blog.

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