How To Set Custom Redirect in Your Blog

Many times you have come across a instant when you have to delete some previous posts or change your post URL address of your blog. But if after someone tries to open that post by using its previous link, the visitors will get a 404 error page not found message.

If your visitors found these kinds of errors then you will lose their trust and it is also unprofessional for your blog to show these kinds of error.

Here are some few steps which make you learn to redirect that previous link to a new link wherever you want to redirect it.

Set Custom Redirect In Your Blog

Step 1 : Open your blogger dashboard. Now go to “Settings” and then click on “Search Preferences”.

Set Custom redirect in your blog

Step 2 : Now click on ‘Edit’ in front of Custom Redirects. Enter your old URL and new URL in the given spaces.

How to Set Custom redirect in your blog

Note : Do not enter the full the URL of your page. You blogs name is already included as you can see in this picture. So just complete the URL and don’t forget to put a slash ‘/’ before strat writing.

Step 3 : If you want these changes to be permanent, then tick the box in front of Permanent.

Step 4 : Now mark the first box and then click on ‘Save’ button and then click on ‘Save Changes’.

Set Custom redirect in blogger

Thats all you have done. You have successfully redirects your old page URL to a new one. If you want to redirect more URLs then click on ‘New Redirect’ as shown on the above picture.

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