Make Money With CashCrate – A Complete Guide

CashCrate is referred to as get paid to site. Advertising companies uses these kind of sites to allow people to try their new products and services and they also pay you for sharing your opinions about their products and services. When someone try their products and fills a survey about their services, you will get paid.
CashCrate has been established since 2006 and they have 5 million users worldwide.It is free to join and you will start making money by taking part in daily research survey, cash offers, bonus offers, bonus surveys, cash task and referring other peoples to join it.

Make money from cashcrate

How does CashCrate work ?

Whenever you completes a survey or a offer CashCrate gets paid by advertising companies. In return, they pays you a percentage of their earning. You get paid to take surveys, completing offers and referring others to their website. You also get paid to watch videos, shop online, play games and search the web.
It is better than any other survey site because you will get paid instantly, once you completed a survey while others may take 4-6 weeks to confirm that survey. Once you accumulate 20$ in your account, you will be able to receive a check. 
It is completely free to join and you will also get 1$ in your account just for signing up. 

Is CashCrate a scam ?

If you search online for this term, you will find a mixed reviews. Some of them will be saying that it is not a scam by showing you their earning proofs while others will be say that it is a waste of time.
I can say it full guarantee that CashCrate is not a scam. They are evolving rapidly and gaining popularity. You can look at their Alexa rank to know their success. The people who is saying it a scam may have 2 reasons –
   1. They are actually lazy. They don’t working hard and showing their patience. They just thinking about getting rich without working for that. CashCrate is not a get rich quick scheme. It has space to make money but only with hard-work and working in a smarter way.
  2. It depends on your location also. If you are from US, UK or Canada, then you probably  make more money then any other person from a location such as Saudi Arabia. That’s what the actual reason behind this mixed views on CashCrate. 
Also, all people in the world are not equal rich. May be 100$ is nothing for a man and it is a good amount for other. If you work daily on CashCrate you can easily make around 5 dollars daily, it means you can make 150$ per month. Now, a millionaire will say it a scam because 150$ is nothing for him and he is actually right at his place. But you are making no money then 150$ is a good amount for you and then you will never say it a scam. So always try it on your feet than decide.

How much money you can make on CashCrate ?

The answer of this question will depend on how hard you work. There are people who makes lot of money from it while others struggling to make a few dollars. It’s upto you how much you want to earn on CashCrate. It is better before you start to make some research on it. Try to know what kind of offers you have to do and how to get qualify for a survey.
You may think that its earning must have a upper range. Yes, you are right that you cannot exceed a certain amount by doing only surveys and offers. But, the third earning method of referring others is endless and actually, it is the reason of peoples who is making a very good amount per month. Just keep on increases your referrals and you will reach a certain level where you can enjoy a good monthly earning without any more effort.

Make Money from CashCrate referral program

Making money from referral needs a huge amount of time and hardwork, depending upon your referring method. You can earn any amount by this method. You have to sets small goals and then move on to reach a high earning level. 
CashCrate offers referral system in 2 levels. It means, the referrals your referral are also your referrals. They are known as your second level referral. It means, once you have a list of referrals, then your second level referrals will keep on increasing automatically and also your earning will increase.
CashCrate offers 20% of your first level referral’s earning and 10% of your second level referral’s earning.
Now lets us take a example. Suppose you have 50 referrals. Then these 50 will also have their own refrrals, now assuming that each referral have a average of 25 referrals. So you have 1250 second level referrals.
Not every one makes the same amount but I am taking a very small average of 20$ per month. That means, all of your referrals makes only 20 dollars per month.
Now, total earning of you first level referrals = 20*50 = 1000$
Total earning of your second level referrals = 1250*20 = 25,000$ 
Commission received from first level referrals = 20% of 1000 = 200$ per month
Commission received from second level referrals = 10% of 25,000 = 2500$ per month
So your total monthly income is = 2500 + 200 = 2700$ 
You will receive this amount month after month and it will keep on increasing. But reaching this level takes some hard-work and lot of time.  
This is a good earning opportunity. So,dont miss it. 

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