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Infobarrel is a revenue sharing website founded in 2008. Lots of people making a decent amount of passive income by writing articles. InfoBarrel is very much similar to other article platform like Squidoo, HubPages, eHow etc but the process is simple, you will write articles and get paid when visitors reads it and clicks on the ads. InfoBarrel is a newly established platform for revenue sharing but getting popularity exponentially. Also, they gives you the majority of revenue that your articles makes.
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Why you should choose InfoBarrel ?

There are more sites available similar to InfoBarrel but there are some reasons which proves it to be best among all others.

1. The articles which you will write today will keep you making money after 2 years or more from now.
2. They are evolving rapidly. Alexa Rank of InfoBarrel had improved from 100,000 to 5000 in just 1 year.
3. InfoBarrel is new and have lot of scope for a new writer. You will be surprised to know that out of 100 top earner only 54 writers have more than 100 articles.
4. Their revenue sharing method is better than others. They currently allow you to keep 75% of earning made from Google Adsense. Others generally provide 50% revenue.
5. Squidoo, HubPages are well established. So they are very competitive than InfoBarrel.
6. InfoBarrel has a referral program. They give you 2% revenue made through the articles of your referral. So it is also considered as a good passive source.

    How you can make money on InfoBarrel?

    InfoBarrel gives you 3 ways to make money. These are as – 

    Google Adsense – This is the most common earning method used by the writers. You have to write a good no of quality articles so that you are able to pull enough traffic that converts you into good revenue. This is best method because you just have to focus on writing and the earning will keep adding month after month from your previous articles. Top users are able to make 2000$ per month. You can also use Chitika, similar to Google Adsense.

    Amazon Affiliates – In this method you are going to include your amazon affiliates links in your articles. When someone clicks on that link and make a purchase within 24 hours of that click, you will make a commission. Most of the time it is difficult to make a good amount by affiliate earning. It is good to use both the methods simultaneously.

    Referral Earning – This is the third method of making money. You have to refer other people to join InfoBarrel and when their articles makes money, you will be rewarded with 2% of their earning. It becomes a good source of income when you have a long list of referrals. It will be slow in the start but if you are able to keep adding referrals then it will actually become a good source of passive income and it will last for a very long period.

      How to Make 100, 500, 1000 dollars per month on InfoBarrel?

      The process is simple. If you write more articles, you will get more impressions and you will make more revenue. But if we have to talk about what is the actual no of articles we need or actual number of impressions we need to make a marked amount, then no one can actually give you the correct or accurate answer. We can only make a rough estimate.
      We will use a scale of 10dollars/1000 page views. Although, I am considering it very low because I have seen people achieving 15$/1000 page views or even 18.
      Now to make 100$ per month, you need 10,000 page views per month.
      Similarly, to make 500$ per month, you need 50,000 page views per month.
      And, to make 1000$ per month, you need 100,000 page views per month.
      Calculating more closer,
      100$ per month = 333 page views per day
      500$ per month = 1666 page views per day
      1000$ per month = 3330 page views per day
      Now assuming that your each article gives you 2 daily page views(some articles will have 6-8 daily page views while other have 0-2, but it is quite easy to achieve a average of 2 daily page views per article).
      333 page views per day = 166 articles
      1666 page views per day = 830 articles
      3330 page views per day = 1660 articles
      I am not guaranteed about above stats but if you achieve these figures than you will sure make that amount because I considered both earning per 1000 page views and daily page view of article to be very low.

      Rules you have to follow on InfoBarrel

      Before you start writing articles on InfoBarrel, keep these foloowing rules in your mind.
      1. The articles must be original and created by you. Also, it should not be posted anywhere else even if its your own blog.
      2. It should not be a sale document or advertisement.
      3. Articles should not have so many external links. Only 2 links per article is enough.
      4. It should be written in proper English with correct grammar and spellings.

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