Top 11 Killer Tips To Increase Page Rank

Google pagerank is a kind of measuring scale according to which google decides the importance of a blog. Pagerank does not have a direct connection with the amount of traffic. It has value from 0 to 10. Google calculate pagerank on the basis of backlinks, internal links, external links, dofollow links etc.

tips increase google page rank

Below are some useful tips to improve your blogs page rank.

Write Good/High Quality Content

To increase your page rank you must write good quality content which is beneficial to your user. The content should be problem solving and your user should be satisfied with the solution which you are providing. A good quality content force your readers to share it.

SEO Optimized

Your blog must be optimized for its keywords related to its niche. SEO is a big chapter and it cannot be explained here. So, you should learn some basics and start implementing on your blog. Have a good keyword research and use multiple times in your post. SEO optimized blog ranked high in search engines.

Promote your Blog on Social Media

Social media are playing a major role in the success of the blog. I think there is no blog which is not using social media to promote their new post. Social media are the most used sites today and if you are not utilizing it then you are missing something large. You should join facebook, twitter, Google plus and start promoting as it helps to make some back links.

Write Guest Posts

This is one of the old and most used and useful technique to better your page rank. Look for others blogs similar to your niche and write some good posts to them and in return you will get 2-3 backlinks. These backlinks are very useful for your page rank if the page rank of blogs on which you are writing guest post is good.

Always write Original Content

No one likes copied content, nor do readers neither search engines. Always try to write fresh and original content. If you will copy content from any other blog then some visitors will caught you and you will lose your reputation. Also, when google came to know about this your ranking will be put down badly by google. So you are advised to always write original content.

Submit your Blogs Sitemap to Google

Google ranks better those sites which have a sitemap (A sitemap is a page which shows all your posts in a regular manner, such as according to date of post or according to post label). Make your sitemap and submit it to google. Sitemap is also helpful for users as it allows them to look all your previous post from the start of your blog. 

Comment on other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs helps you to get some good amount of traffic. Also there are some dofollow blogs which gives you backlinks whenever you comment on it. Although, these kind of back links are not equally useful as that which you will get from guest post but still they will count as positive signs in improving your page rank.

Reply on every comment

Make it a habit to reply every comment you are getting on your blog. I have seen many bloggers that they just ignore their commenter and don’t care whether they are asking for any kind of help or they suggesting you something. You should look every single comment because these are the only people who actually reading your whole content. You should respect them and help them and in return they will reward you with increase traffic and more back links. All these adds to improve your page rank.

Submit your Blog to Search Engines

Submit your site to some most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. It is important for your blog to get most of the traffic as organic.

Reduce loading time of your Blog

Your blog or site should not take too much time in loading. Search engine always consider the sites which loads faster. Slow loading pages are very annoying to users and when it takes so much time to load the users leaves and this will increase the bounce rate. Blogs having high bounce rate are always have lower page rank.

Update your Blog Regularly

Google and other search engines loves that site or blog which gets updated regularly. It helps them to know that there webmasters are active and working on their blog so it is more helpful for the readers than any other blog whose owner not even caring about their blog and readers.

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