Upload Downloadable Files In Your Blogger’s Blog

As we all know that blogger is a free platform to run a personal blog. So it is obvious that it will lack of some features. One the those features is uploading a file like pdf, word, zip etc, so that it can be viewed or downloaded. Bloggers only have options to upload images and videos and we cannot upload the files mentioned above.

In this post, I will sow you a alternate method by which we can upload file like pdf, doc, xml, zip etc and it may be viewed and downloaded.

Upload Downloadable Files in Blogger Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a free service of Google by which we can upload our any kind of files and can share it with the world. It has option to make your file private or public. A file is viewed is through a link given to you when you upload it. Follow the given steps and learn how to upload files in Google Drive and use it on your blog.
Step 1 : Go to https://drive.google.com Login with your google account.
Step 2 : Now click on the arrow and then upload files by clicking on ‘Files’.
Step 3 : After this, right click on uploaded file and look for ‘Share’.
Step 4 : Click on ‘Get shareable link’, make the privacy to ‘Anyone with link can view’ and then copy the link as shown in the picture below.
You have successfully uploaded your file and now you have to just use that link anywhere you want in your blog. You can also use others file sharing sites but Google Drive will give you the best speed.
I hope this tutorial helped you. Please leave a comment if you are satisfied with it.

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