4 Reasons Why You Failed In Blogging

FAIL is the word which hurts everyone in the world. No one wants to get failed in their life, but at the end of the day we cannot decide our result.

4 Reasons Why You Failed In Blogging

In the field of blogging, most of the blogger start blogging in need of money. Money in blogging comes but with a uncertain period of time. No one is able to give you the exact period after which you will start making the desired amount. A successful blogger never becomes successful without getting failures, because when you have a failure you have to option left –

     1. Quit blogging
     2. Learn from your mistake and move again

And that’s all. The one those who falls in the second option are those which we are calling successful bloggers. But it also interesting to know that more than 95% falls in the first category.

Want Quick Money

The money is the driving force which pushes you in the field of blogging. I am not talking about of everyone but the reality is that around 99% of bloggers blog in the search of money.
Its very usual to think about making money but the problem is that it distract you from the path. You will start blogging on any topic with full of confidence, excitement and knowledge. You keep on writing for first few days, few weeks and few months. But what next, you start thinking about money and you saw that your blog is not upto the mark. You will start to lose interest and then your post quality will go down and ultimatelty your blog reaches the bottom after getting a good start.
If you are looking to make quick money then blogging is absolutely not for you. I am not saying that you will not get reward, but you have to be wait for sometime and keep doing your work with full dedication.

Lack of Knowledge

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge with the world. But what if you don’t have that enough knowledge to be shared. Then your blog is going to be failed. 
It doesn’t matters that you have a special skills of any subject or not, you can learn anything and start writing about it. The problem is that most of the bloggers are in a hurry and they start writing blogs without reaching a decent level of knowledge on their topic. You should keep learning for first few weeks or even months and then start writing about it. Also, you cannnot stop learning even your blog starts to get some results. Today’s successful bloggers also says that they are learning still learning and writing.

Unable to make full use of time

Most of the bloggers who are currently blogging or those who are going to start their blog are either working somewhere or they are students. In both the cases they are busy and they don’t have the required time to work on their blog. This is a major reason behind the failures of many bloggers.
One thing you should always remember that the people which we are calling successful bloggers are also the one like you and me. They also have their other works but they manage to get time to be put in their blog.
The first thing you have to do is to manage to get around 1-2 hours daily. You can skip watching TV or you can do your other work a little bit fast. Include blogging into your daily routine and once you do this for first few days then it will became easy to maintain this.
The second and most important of all is that most of the bloggers don’t utilise their time correctly. They spend most of the time on social networking sites in the name of blogging. Many people just search and read the success stories of others people. This is not going to help your blog in any way. 
You should try to spend most of your time by writing new post and creating backlinks. Social media should be used only for promotion of your new content. Also, in starting days of a blog, social media should be avoided.

Don’t have enough knowledge of SEO

SEO is a important part behind the success of a blog. SEO helps the search engines to rank your post according to the words in the content of your blog. You must know the basics of SEO before you start writing a blog.
It will not take too much time in learning some useful SEO tips. Most of the bloggers don’t care about SEO and failed in their journey. 
May be you are writing the best content in your subject but what if there is no one to read it. It is of no use if people are unable to reach it. This is the reason why most of the bloggers quit. They got frustated because they are doing hardwork to produce useful content and still they don’t get the reward which they deserve.

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