Benefits Of Using a Custom Domain For Your Blogspot Blog

When you start a blog and you have don’t any past knowledge, then it is likely to you to use free platform like Blogspot or WordPress. You will have a domain name like and this is known as free domain name. A custom domain name don’t have the word blogspot in it. It will look like and you can see that the second one looks more beautiful.

Benefits Of Using a Custom Domain For Your Blogspot Blog

As a new blogger, you don’t want to put your money at risk so you prefer to go with the free domain name, but if you are serious about blogging or you wants your blog to get good rank and earn money then it is the biggest mistake. In this post, I will tell you why this is the biggest mistake and why you must invest 10-12$ per year in your blog.

Many bloggers who are using free blog on Blogspot and WordPress don’t care to buy a custom domain for their blog. They just keep on blogging for several months and years. They starts to get a good traffic and then they realize to go for a custom domain name but it will be too late at that time. There are tremendous examples of free blogs which receives a good amount of traffic but still using free domain.

Their are so many benefits of using a custom domain and I think most of the bloggers already knows about it. They just think to establish that blog and pay the price of domain by earning from the same blog. They need to understand that profit comes after investment. Given below are some of the disadvantage of not using the custom domain right from the start.

Disadvantages of delaying the use of custom domain name 

  1. Suppose you are blogging for more than 1 year or may be 2. Then it is a sufficient period to get ranked well for a blog. Your blog will have a Google and Alexa rank depending on its content and backlinks. Now when you change the domain name from free to custom, then your new domain name will not have that same Google and Alexa rank. It will be treated as a new blog and you have to start from beginning. No doubt, this time your blog will rank faster than before, but you have to work again from the start.
  2. If you have a feed at feed burner for your blog, then you have to change its name. Doing this will lead to the unsubscription of some of your previously subscribed readers. This will directly reduce the amount of traffic on your blog and also the earning.
  3. If you are using Google analytic and webmasters tools, then you to update that also.
  4. Search engines would not index your newly added custom domain for few days. It will take some time for search engines to get updated your links from old domain to new custom domain.
  5. You will have to update your domain name on every social media platform which you are using to promote your blog.
  6. It may also happen that you will not get the name of your brand. For example, if your blog name is then it may possible that you will not get the name for your blog. In that case you have to change your brand any other similar term like This will be a serious loss to your blog. You have to start building your name from the start. The previous reputation among the readers will be wasted.
  7. You have to submit your blog to Google and other search engine and directories.
  8. You will have to work again in building backlinks. Otherwise, you will not reach your old pagerank easily.

As you can see there are plenty of disadvantages of not using custom domain name right from the start. The cost of a domain name is nothing in front of the price which you will pay later. I know there is a risk that you may not make your blog to make money but in that case also, your major loss is the precious time which you invested in your blog and not the 10$ of domain name.

Now I described you about the disadvantage of delaying the use of custom domain name. Given below are some of the benefits of using custom domain name over free domain.

Benefits of using custom domain name

  1. Using the custom domain name from the start will help you to rank fast in the search engines. Search engines always prefer the clean domain name rather than free one, so you will have more chances to get your blog on higher search results.
  2. You can have your brand name from the start.
  3. Your blog will receive more traffic from the search engines and therefore it helps you to make more money.
  4. If you wants to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, then using a custom domain name increases your chances of getting approved. 
  5. Your Alexa rank will be improved much faster because Alexa don’t like free domain names.
  6. Using custom domain name makes your blog more Search Engine Optimized. 
  7. The most important is that you don’t have to suffer from the problems listed above. You just have to work on improving your blog and there is no looking back due to changing of domain name.
I hope you understands the importance of this point. If you are really serious about blogging and wishes to make money from blogging, then you must follow this important step. 

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