Make Money By Buying/Selling Domains

One of the simple way to make money online is to buy something at low price and sell it for high, making some profit. There are so many options and one of those is domain names. Domain name are the web URL of a website/blog. Many people are making good cash by buying quality domain name and selling it on auction on the sites like sedo, flippa ,etc. You can also buy domain on very low price and sell it to hundred and even thousands of dollars.

Make Money By Buying/Selling Domains

The method is simple, buy domain and sell it on profit. But, you have to learn few techniques before you can actually make money from it. Remember, you may not always make profit. There is always a risk involved in this game.

There are many places available where you can buy domain like Godaddy, Namecheap etc. It usually costs around 10-15 dollars at most for a .com domain. You can also buy domain from the auctions on the sites like sedo and flippa. 

Buying Profitable Domain

You will make money when you have the right domain. Every domain will not bring you money. It is just a waste of time if you blindly buy a domain thinking that it will reward you later. Some people buy more than 100 domains to increase their chances of picking the right domains.
Domains can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars if the right buyer comes along. The main task is to find a domain name that someone wants to buy or the name that is not in demand today but may become a precious name in future.
Take example of or, in both of these we have a very general term ‘sports’ and ‘hollywood’. These two may have a price in thousands or even millions of dollars because they are more generic. 
Another most important factor which can make any domain name valuable is time. A domain that is 10 years old is more important than a domain with only 6 months age. Domain age is very important and if you are buying a domain from auction, then you must look at its age. 
Let me give you an example, has a domain age of 21 years and you will be surprised to know that its price is around 1 million. This is exactly what happens with other names also. So if you are buying a domain from auction site, then you must check its domain age. You can check domain age by visiting to Whois
Many people in this game buy hundreds of domain. This way their chances of winning is more. But, this will require some money. You can also start with a handful of name and try your luck out.

When to sell Domains

You can sell domain through auctions. First, you should join many auctions sites. This will give you an idea of what is on sale and what is available in the market. 
You can sell domain when you find the right customer who is willing to pay you the amount decided by you. It will take some time to get sold a name. There are many domain which had been sold after months and even years. So have a patience, it is a long process. If you are here for quick cash then this is definitely not for you. 
If your domain name is very popular and contain some general terms then you can park it. It means that when someone open that domain, there will be related ads showing to the visitor. When anyone clicks on those ads you will get a commission. You may not earn a huge amount but it is good way to keep promoting the name because interested people can directly contact you if they want to buy that name.
If your domain name is not getting sold after some months and you are also unable to make any money by parking it then the only option left to you is to utilize that name. You can build a real website using that name and promote it throughout the web. When your website gets a good pagerank, you can easily sell it at a much better price. But, you must remember that making a website is easy but getting a Google rank of 1 or more, takes some time. 
This is a investment and you must think before getting into it. No one can tell you the exact period after which you can make profit or even it not guaranteed that you will always get profit. 

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