How To Enable CommentLuv In Blogger

At present time, the commenting system of the blogger is really bad. It has so many technical issues. Due to this, the interest of commentators is reduced and a blogger gets very few comments. You may have also noticed this that a WordPress blog normally has a huge number of comments than a bloggers blog(for similar traffic blogs).

Enable CommentLuv In Blogger

There are many options available to change your current commenting system. One of the best commenting system I found on searching is CommentLuv. You may have also heard about it many times. You can use it on any blogging platform like Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr etc. It is very easy to implement CommentLuv on your blog. In this post, I will show you how to enable CommentLuv in your blog also.

Enable CommentLuv In Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Enable CommentLuv on a blog is a simple process. It may seem confusing for some users, so please read and follow these steps carefully.
Step 1 : First, go to Intense Debate and register an account. Mark the option as shown in the below picture.
Enable CommentLuv In Blogger
Step 2 : After confirming your Email account, log in to it and then enter your blog’s URL and click Next Step.
Enable CommentLuv In Blogger
Step 3 : Select your blog’s platform from the list shown to you.
Step 4 : Now, go to your blogger’s dashboard. Go to Template and download a backup of your template.
Click here to know how to make a backup of your template:
Step 5 : Now upload that template on Intense Debate and continue.
Enable CommentLuv In Blogger
Step 6 : Now you will see an HTML code. Select and copy the whole code in a notepad file.
Enable CommentLuv In Blogger
Step 7 : Now again open your blogger dashboard. Go to ‘Template’ and click on Edit HTML. Now clear all the code inside it and paste the code copied from above step.
Step 8 : Save the template and you are done. You have successfully enabled CommentLuv on your blog.
I hope this tutorial helped you to enable CommentLuv on your blog but, if you still face any problem then please comment below.

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