How To Get AdSense Account Approved

Almost every blogger blogs in need of money. Only a few are there who blogs for their passion and not for money. It is not bad to have a money making attitude. For a content-based blog, Google AdSense is the best way to make money by showing ads on your blog. It is a very simple way to make money without doing any special work. You just have to get an AdSense account, then you can easily implement ad units on your blog and each time when a visitor view and clicks that ad, you will get paid.

Get AdSense Account Approved

Today, getting a Google Adsense account approved seems to be a tough task. Many bloggers face this problem of not getting approved their account. There can be any reason for not getting your Adsense account accepted. You have to do some work before you apply for Adsense. Here In this post, I will give you some tips by which you can increase your chances of getting Adsense account approved.

Tips To Getting AdSense Account Approved


Your content is the main key to your Adsense account approval. You have to make some points clear regarding your content. Also, if your account is approved then you have to still follow these rules.
  • Make sure that your blog has sufficient content in it. Google only accept those blogs which have a decent amount of content in it. It is because it helps it to judge the niche of your blog to show ads according to it. Also, it shows your seriousness about your blog.
  • Your content must be original. Google hates duplicate content and it’s not easy to fool it. So make sure that the content of your blog is original.
  • Your post should not be too short. There is no ideal limit of a post but it is recommended that you must try to write articles of more than 500 words. If your blog post is below this limit, then it will be difficult to get your Adsense application approved.
  • Your content must not include any kind of illegal post like pornography, drugs, discrimination etc.


Your blog must have a decent amount of traffic. There is not any exact amount after which your blog is guaranteed to acceptance. There are some peoples getting Adsense accepted at 50-150 page views daily. While some get around 1000 page views and still don’t qualify for it. You should at least maintain a decent level of traffic and then go for Adsense. I also got my Adsense account approved for less than 50 page views daily.

Use Custom Domain Name

Domain name matters very much. It is very difficult to get approved with a domain than a custom domain. It usually costs around 10-12$ per year for a custom domain. Also, in some countries, you cannot get an AdSense account before six months for a BlogSpot blog.
It is my personal experience also. When I was using free BlogSpot domain then I was unable to apply for Adsense because my blog was not six months old. But after using a custom domain name my account got approved and I was using Adsense on my 2 months old blog.

Privacy Policy Page

It is also seen that the blog or website with a privacy policy gets approved more than the blog having not. A privacy policy is a statement that discloses a client’s data. Google always like blogs with a privacy policy page. Although, you have still chances of getting approved without a Privacy Policy but, adding it don’t cost you any money and it is very easy to add it.

Contact Us Page

Similar to Privacy Policy Page, a Contact Us page also improves the blogs trust with Google. It helps your readers to contact you.

Site Loading Time

Google consider page loading time as a big factor. It is very important for your blog to have a site loading time less than 2 seconds. More than this not only results in rejection of your Adsense application but, it will also put down your search engines ranking. So try to improve your site loading time before applying for Adsense.
You can use these following steps to improve it –
  • avoid using unnecessary plugins
  • use images after doing proper optimization and avoid using larger size images
  • avoid using so many widgets and sharing buttons on your site

Avoid Other Ad Network

Usually, bloggers don’t wait for their AdSense account to get confirmed to earn money. Rather, they look for other ad networks and apply for it. They easily get approved for their blog and they put ads on their blog. But, this will again make your Adsense application rejected. So it is better to avoid other ads if you are really interested in Adsense.
These are some tips for getting Adsense account approved. I hope this post helped you. Please feel free to comment here if you have any queries or suggestion.

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