How To Increase AdSense Earning By Using High Paying Keywords

Many new bloggers think that Adsense earning is directly dependent on the amount of traffic. But, this is not always right. There are some others factors which affect your earning. One of those factors is the keywords in your content. Adsense displays ads based on the content in your blog. If your blog is about health, then it will display ads related to treatment and medicines. If your content target about hosting and domain, then it will display ads related to hosting companies.

 Increase AdSense Earning By Using High Paying Keywords

There are many peoples earning very different amount from Adsense from the similar amount of traffic on their blog. This is actually what happening due to the keywords in their content. Some people earns 5$/click while others take 40-50 clicks to earn that 5$.

So the main reason of earning is the Keywords in your content. High paying keywords will make your blog to earn more money while low paying keywords just give you some pennies.

What Are High Paying Keywords?

The keywords which have high CPC (Cost per click) are called high paying keywords. CPC means the amount paid by the advertisers per click on that keyword. The more is the bidding price, the more you will earn per click on that keyword.
Now, you understand the basic meaning of CPC. The keyword having high CPC is known as high paying keywords. Usually, a technology blog earns more than an entertainment blog with the same amount of traffic because technology blog has high CPC keywords than an entertainment blog.
You can find high paying keywords by doing a little bit of hard-work. Below you can learn some tips to find high paying keywords to help you to earn more money with AdSense.

How To Find High Paying Keywords?

There are many tools available online to find high CPC keywords. You can use any tool and all will give you approximately the same result. The best tool that I will suggest you is SEMrush and Google AdWords. SEMrush came with both free and paid version. It will cost 69$ per month but it will give you all the information that you requires. Google AdWords is also a good tool and it is completely free to use.
Here I will show you how you can use Google Adwords to find a good high paying keyword.
1. First, sign in to your Gmail account and then go to Google AdWords Keyword Planner by clicking here.
2. Now go to ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas’.
3. Write the name of any keyword, leave other fields blank and click on Get Ideas. Here I am taking the example of ‘web hosting’.
 Increase AdSense Earning By Using High Paying Keywords
A part of the result is shown below.
 Increase AdSense Earning By Using High Paying Keywords
Now you can see above, three keywords have the maximum price.
cheap web hosting – Rs 965.72
cheapest web hosting – Rs 1003.39
web hosting Canada – 1028.42
If you target these keywords than your earning will be maximum than any other keyword from the above list. These are called high paying keywords because they have a high CPC. You can further increase your earning by making a combination of more than 1 keyword. Here, you can target 1 of the three keywords and earn accordingly but, if you target cheap web hosting canada or cheapest web hosting canada than your earning will be much more because you are making a combination of two keywords.
Here, I only talked about the high paying keywords and their CPC, there are other factors also like the competition of that keyword. High competition means that it is difficult to rank for that keyword and lower ranking means you will get less traffic, so your earning will be less.
One more factor is the monthly searches for that keyword. If a keyword has high monthly searches then you will get more traffic and this will make your blog to earn more money.
So it is important that you should consider all the factors. Always try to find a keyword with high CPC, high monthly searches, and competition low or medium.
I hope this post helped you in finding high paying keywords for your niche. This free tool is very useful and by spending few minutes you can make more money if you do a correct research.

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