How To Make HTML Sitemap For Your Blog

An HTML Sitemap is a kind of page which shows all the post links on your blog from the start of your blog. It usually creates a list of post in a systematic manner such as according to post’s months and years or according to labels or categories.

Make HTML Sitemap For Your Blog

When a blog becomes old, then it has a huge number of posts, maybe more than 500, then it becomes difficult for the users to reach all the posts. Even labels and categories are not enough to maintain all clearly. So, in this case, the importance of Sitemap becomes even more because it helps to search and look for all the previous posts very easily on a single page.

Some benefits of a Sitemap are –

  • Makes your blog more user-friendly
  • helps in improving page views
  • useful for crawlers
  • more chances of your articles getting bookmarked by the users

In this post, I will show you how you can also create a Sitemap for your blog by just following some simple steps.

Make/Create HTML Sitemap For Your Blog

Step 1 : Go to XML Sitemaps
Step 2 : Fill the required details of your blog. Choose frequency according to your need. Keep other fields unchanged and click on Start.
 Make HTML Sitemap For Your Blog
Step 3 : Now you will see the list of sitemaps in different formats. Download the HTML sitemap as shown below.
Make HTML Sitemap For Your Blog
Step 4 : Open the downloaded file in notepad, you will see HTML code, copy the whole text. Now open your blogger’s dashboard and create a new page and name it as ‘Sitemap’.
Step 5 : Now edit the page in HTML form and paste that copied code there.
Make HTML Sitemap For Your Blog
Step 6 : Publish that page and you are done with it. You have successfully created a sitemap for your blog.Open that page and you will see all your previous posts.
I hope this post helped you. If you face any problem using it, then feel free to comment below.

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