How To Earn Money Online By Making Udemy Courses

Earning money by teaching others is a very old way of making money. Gone are those days when you have to maintain a classroom and get enrolled some students. Now, people are turning towards online learning courses. We all have heard of online learning platforms and courses created by different institutes. But, is it possible for an individual professional to create an online course and make money out of it.

Today, it is actually possible with the platforms like Udemy and Skillfeed which allow individuals to create and sell their own courses. There are so many peoples making a thousand of dollars every month by selling their courses. Also, this is a source of passive income, so once created successfully, the money will keep rolling for a long time.

How To Earn Money Online By Making Udemy Courses

Udemy was launched in 2010 and is now getting more than 300,000 page views per month. Also, it has more than 3 million enrolled students. Udemy gives you around 75% of the earning and takes 25% with it.

How much money you can make with Udemy?

Making money on Udemy is totally depends on the number of students enrolled in your course. This in turn will depend on the quality of your course and marketing tactics you followed to promote your course.
There is a wide range of earning of peoples on Udemy. The average instructor earns around 7000$ per month. While there are some people making in 6 figures, there are also some people who earns only around 50-60 dollars per month from their courses. Those who have a large following on social media like Facebook and YouTube makes much more than those who don’t have.

What are the skills required to create a Udemy course?

Creating a Udemy course requires you to have the complete knowledge about your subject. A incomplete or wrong information will not help you and your students. So work hard on your subject before making a course about it.
Making a course for Udemy requires video editing. You have to shoot video, edit it, fix the noise and upload it. You can use screen recording and add the audio later by using some software. This is the easiest way to make it.
If you want to do a talking head video then you will require some more money and equipment. Also, you may required to hire some professionals to help you to shoot a video. A good way is to go to a studio and get good lighting and audio.

How long does it take to create a course?

Creating a course for students requires a good time investment. Time required to make a course depends on many factors like duration of course and your previous knowledge about that subject. It takes the same amount of time as required to write a book.
If you already worked on it and then preparing a course then it may take very less time. If you are already blogging on the same topic then it is just a matter of 2-3 days for you. But, if you are starting on a new subject or just unsure of what you are doing then take your time in learning that first. Don’t be in a hurry because it may cost you to lose your time and money.

How to promote your Udemy course?

As already mentioned, Udemy get over 300,000 views every month and has more than 3 million students. So, there is already a good scope of earning from selling your course to already established customers. But, the real winners are those who have a good base of promotion from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
Your new course can’t get a huge success unless you put the same amount of effort in promoting it as you done in creating it. It is similar to writing a book and a book of a new author face so many difficulties to get a remarkable results. On the hand, a famous author don’t need much promotion and every new production got tremendous success within a few days.

Step By Step Guide to Get Success on Udemy

I already told you about Udemy and how it works. Now in this section I will try to teach you how a newbie can start a successful journey on Udemy.

Step 1 – Make a free course and build a audience

This may sound strange to you but, before you should think about making money, you should create 1 or 2 free small courses on Udemy and start enrolling first few students because it is very difficult to get students for a paid course with no past engagements.
In this way you will start to get some few customers. Start building a email list and start making a base on social media platforms like Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Step 2 – Start selling your paid courses

If the students of your free courses like you, there is more chances that they will want more from you. This will be the right opportunity to start selling your paid courses to them. You have now your email list, Facebook pages and YouTube channels for promotion of your new paid courses. This will help you to reach your goal faster than any other method.
Offering them a free course helped you in to get a good attraction towards your paid course. Also, they allowed you to access their inbox so every time you creates something new, you can directly offer them to buy.
Udemy allow you directly to create a paid course with no follower but, this will not going to help you in anyway. No one wants to put money where there is no previous user of it. Your free course provides you with some starting customers and also with some positive reviews (if your course is really good enough) which will help to attract more and more new customers. Once you build this momentum, your paid course will keep bringing you lots of money.

Step 3 – Create more courses and keep things going

This is actually a dream stage for everyone who want to sell their course on Udemy. You have to work very hard to reach this point. Once you get a course stabilized on itself and earning a good monthly earning for you, you can move on next project. This time it will be very easy for you to make money because people already knows and trust your work.

Some important points before you start making a course –

  • Easy to consume is KEY. Make your course easily understandable for the customers and it should actually help them so you they will rate you positively
  • Don’t over price your courses. Always fix a good price so that it don’t look too much for the users. A 2-3 hours course costs around 50-80$, so make a price similar to it.
  • Avoid increasing course duration unnecessary, no one like a 1 hour course to be explained in 2-3 hours.
  • Free course should not be prepared in a hurry. Many peoples do this mistake of preparing free course of not good quality. Remember, it is the free course only which will give you buyers and subscribers, so make free course as good as you prepare paid ones.
I hope you liked this guide on earning money by making online courses for Udemy. If you think that you are a expert on any subject than this is the best way for you to make money out of it. Please share this with your friends.

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