How To Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your Blog

When you start a blog you will be looking to get some traffic from the search engines. But, in the starting days of your blog, you will be adjusting the theme, adding more gadgets, and keep changing the layout of your blog many times. Also, the content will be very less. In that case, when a visitors will arrive in your blog, your blogs puts a negative impression on the user. Your blog will have a higher bounce rate and it will get a very low rank in its starting days.

There are some other people in this world who don’t blog for money. They write for their own and not to show to the world. It can be anything from their personal events to their study notes. In all cases, they just want to hide it from the world.
How To Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your Blog
So the solution for above problems is to hide your blog from the world. In this post, I will show you how you can avoid search engines to crawl your blog’s content. Once done correctly, search engines will stop indexing your content and search results will not show any of your posts.

Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your Blog

To stop search engines from indexing your blog’s content, you have to make certain changes in your blog’s settings.
First, open your blogger account and then go to Settings>>Basic>>Privacy.
When you edit Privacy settings, you will see two options first for avoiding search engine from crawling your blog’s content and second for not allowing your blog to be listed on Blogger.
Now, select ‘No’ on both the options and save the changes so that your blog is no longer be indexed by search engines.
How To Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your Blog
Once, your blog ready and filled with a lot of content, then you can simply change the above two options back to ‘Yes’. It will allow search engines to crawl your blog and starts showing your post in the search results.
This was a very simple guide to avoid your blog to show to the world. I hope this helped you. If you like this blog, then don’t forget to subscribe to get all the new post directly in your mail box.

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