How To Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From a Single Place?

In today’s world, there is a huge number of blogs and you may also be reading some of them according to your field of interest. So the question is how you get connected yourself with those blogs? As the title says, ‘Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place’, the most common ways are Email subscription and social media. A majority of the readers who follow one or the other blog are using these 2 ways only and if you really love a particular blog then you may be either jumping directly into it on a regular basis.

subscribe and read multiple blog from single place

According to me, the above method of following a blog is not fully effective and you are going to miss a part of those because –

  1. For Email Subscription – Our Mail inbox is always flooded with a ton of emails and most of them are always unnecessary to us. So it becomes difficult for us to find out the emails sent by our favorite blogs or to decide whether they are of our use or not. After few days we usually decide to delete them all without reading them and in this way we missed some of them the great work by others (It happens to me as I subscribe to a blog eagerly but failed to open their email regularly and later I delete them without reading).
  2. For Social Media –  Social Media is a great source to get the latest information about the content of the blog you follow but again there is the same problem. Also, when you using your Facebook or any other account, you usually is not in a state of mind to read those blogs because you are either busy in chatting or you just want some entertainment.
  3. For Direct Access – If you like a particular blog then it is possible that you daily go there and look for new content. But, you can do this for a handful of the blog only. If you have a long list of blogs which you follow then it is very difficult to access them directly.

Today in this post, I am going to share you an excellent method which will help you to follow your favorite blogs and read their content from a single place.

I am talking about this amazing website Feedly. It is a place where you can search and follow your favorite blog list and read their content from there. It allows us to create a collection in which you can put the list of blogs or websites and whenever any new content is created there, you will be notified in your account and you can read it. You can create any number of such collection based on different subjects. Also, you can create keyword alerts, so whenever any content related to that keyword is published you will get to know about it.

Follow the given below steps to learn how to use this feature.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place

  1. Go to and click on ‘Get Started for Free’.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place

2. Now, you have to signup for Feedly. You can do these by 3 ways i.e, continuing with Google, continuing with Google or by registering with Feedly.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place

3. After logging in to your account, you can see a search menu as shown below. You can now search for your favorite blogs by typing their name or their URL.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place

4. Also, you can search for the top blogs for a specific keyword. For example, I searched for ‘Social Media’ and it gave me some top authority blogs in this niche.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place

5. This way you can subscribe to any number of blogs. Also, you can create a number of collections which contains different blogs according to your wish. You can see below that it contains 3 collections which again includes some blogs. So it very easy to categorize and read according to the situation or demand.

Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place


You can read your favorite topics whenever you want. Also, you can save any useful content which you will require in the future also by using ‘Read Later’ option. Subscribe and Read Multiple Blogs From Single Place.

Feedly is a very useful tool for blogger also. It helps them to get connected with other blogs of the same subject on which they are also blogging. So it helps them to get new ideas and improve their blog.

I hope you liked this post. Now, it’s time to comment how you feel about this post and if you have any query then feel free to ask me.

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