About Us

My Online Destination is a blog that helps peoples to increase their knowledge in the field of Blogging, Online Money Making, Internet and Technology. 

Kewal Dubey

My name is Kewal Dubey and I am a part time blogger. I am presently doing my graduation from BCA. I love to learn and write on it that’s why I started this blog. I am a new blogger and still learning. My aim is to help other people who are struggling and need help. You can contact me directly and I will be happy to help you in best possible way.

I started blogging for making money and didn’t succeed in it because I was wrong as blogging is not a fast way of money making. You need to put up a huge hard work and time, then only you can think of it. I started blogging on Blogger and was writing articles on Entertainment. I was not seeing any results and became impatient and jumped from one topic to other. This is the biggest mistake which I think more than 90 percent people doing. Now, I finally settled to 1 topic and I am not thinking of money. My main goal is to keep learning and sharing with others.

This blog was started on Blogger platform with the name Smart Blogging Guide. Later, I decided to use custom domain but failed to get a domain name with this name. So I used myonlinedestination.com and changed my blog name from Smart Blogging Guide to My Online Destination. Now, this blog is self-hosted and using WordPress platform.

As a reader of this blog, you are important for me. Never hesitate to ask any question or doubts regarding my articles because asking is the first step towards learning. I am always happy to help you.